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When is the new Edmonton City Club projected to open?

We are holding a pre-opening membership drive now to generate awareness for the club and gauge interest by prospective members. We expect to open the club in the coming year based on our success.

What is the relationship between the Edmonton Petroleum Club and the Edmonton City Club? Does the new club have the financial security to get a new location open?

The Edmonton Petroleum Club sold its building and suspended its operations in 2018. The new Edmonton City Club has picked up where the Petroleum Club left off and represents a modern and updated take on a club concept, and thus the new name. The new club benefits from its legacy club and has a strong financial position due to the building sale.

Where will the new club be located? Will it be connected to the Pedway system? Can you detail some of the locations you have looked at?

The Board has focused its site selection work in the downtown city centre. Locations reviewed have access to the Pedway system or are very close by. We are not sharing our location targets at this time, but we will note that they are all centrally located and represent a new direction and new feel for club.

How will the new club meet the needs of today’s business reality and environment?

The new club is being designed with a dedicated emphasis on the business and lifestyle needs of today’s modern working professional, while respecting the traditions of the past with many longstanding members staying involved.

Who is the club targeting in terms of members?

The new club will be a destination of choice for Edmonton working professionals for dining, meeting, networking and socializing with their peers, family and friends.

What type of cuisine is being planned for the club?

The club will offer first-in-class facilities, including exciting culinary experiences delivered by a professional team skilled in providing personal service. We expect to attract top-quality staff who will determine the culinary direction based on input from members. We plan for members to pay a monthly minimum for food and beverage service due to the focus we are putting on this aspect of the club.

What type of events will the club host?

We will offer first-in-class facilities and services, including networking activities and social events delivered by a professional team and tailored to the membership.

Will there be a focus on networking for members? Can members do business at the club? Will there be meeting space?

Networking will be an important aspect of the club. We appreciate that members will want the ability to meet and connect with others so we will develop opportunities to do so. Additionally, we expect members to “bring their work” to the club so we will be offering a business centre as well as functional meeting space.

For this pre-opening membership drive, what are the pricing options available?

There are various options available. For new members, we are providing a 50% discount on the entrance fee during the pre-opening membership drive so it is $750 until further notice. There is also special pricing for members at select ages (such as for Intermediates and for Seniors) as well as for those who may live outside Edmonton. And of course we look forward to welcoming past Petroleum Club members to the new club and have special pricing for their entrance fee.

What is your target number of memberships you need before you can move forward?

This pre-opening membership drive is about generating awareness for our new club and gauging interest by prospective members. We have some internal membership targets we are expecting to reach so we can move forward swiftly and confidently to establish our new location, hire our staff and begin to operate the club.

Is there any risk to the pre-opening membership drive? If I choose to leave the club prior to its opening, what are the options?

We have a no-risk guarantee during this membership drive. We will collect entrance fees and hold them in trust until we move forward with formalizing our location and opening the club.

Does the club have reciprocal privileges at other select private clubs?

Yes, just as the Edmonton Petroleum Club had reciprocal privileges with other clubs, we will maintain those relationships and, in some cases, expand upon them.

Are family members included in a membership?

Absolutely. Each membership includes the primary member as well as the member’s spouse or partner. Moreover, the club will provide opportunities for family connections and provide certain activities for the extended family.

When does the pre-opening introductory pricing end?

The pre-opening membership drive runs until further notice. We are suggesting Edmontonians interested in a membership either make their entrance fee payment soon or contact us directly for more details.

Where can I get more details about the membership options and prices?

We have details on the membership options available on our website at or you can contact our Membership Director, Teresa Stange at

If I want to talk to someone about a membership, is there a club representative I can speak with?

Please call our Membership Director, Teresa Stange at 780-474-3411 and she can review membership details with you or connect you with one of our Board members for further discussion.


In an effort to do our part in limiting the spread of COVID-19, we have made the difficult decision to postpone our opening of the club until further notice. While we are still in the process of finalizing our location, the health and safety of our members, guests and staff is our top priority.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this unprecedented time. Please contact us if you have any questions and/or follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram to keep up-to-date with the club’s status.
While it is still possible to have an opening before the end of 2020 we expect that delays due to COVID will push the opening date into 2021.